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Second-hand Baby Accessories

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7am enfant  - Baby carriers & wraps (Black)

7am enfant
Perlimpinpin  - Sleeping bags (White, Green)

Comfy Cubs - Sleeping bags (Blue, Green, Grey)

Comfy Cubs
ZAK&ZOÉ - Baby carriers & wraps (Grey)

Juddlies - Sleeping bags

? - Other

? - Bedding

? - Other

? - Bedding

? - Bedding

? - Bedding

skip hop - Other (Blue)

skip hop
Inconnu - Other

Inconnu - Baby feedings (Grey)

Fait à la main  - Other (White, Pink)

Fait à la main
Souris mini - Bedding (Orange, Pink)

Souris mini
Ugg - Other (Brown)

Little yogi - Blankets

Little yogi
3 Piece Gift Set - NEW - Other (White, Pink)

3 Piece Gift Set - NEW
Monster high - Other

Monster high
Kyte - Sleeping bags (Beige)

Artipoppe  - Baby carriers & wraps

Les Rabats Joies - Other (Beige)

Les Rabats Joies
South Shore - Other (Green)

South Shore
Must be baby  - Other (Beige)

Must be baby
Rust and rubies - Other

Rust and rubies
Dahlia wrap - Baby carriers & wraps

Dahlia wrap
Dr Martens - 3 - Other

Dr Martens - 3
Maovic - Baby feedings (White, Pink, Beige)

Petit Coulou - Other (Beige)

Petit Coulou
Ergobaby  - Baby carriers & wraps (Black)

Converse - Other

Replay  - Dishes & Cutlery (White, Beige)

Perlimpinpin  - Sleeping bags

Mengybaor - Baby carriers & wraps

SKIP HOP - Other


Get your baby equipment second-hand

At Vinted you can get every baby equipment such as cuddly toys, to make your child feel comfortable from day one. Renowned manufacturers of baby products offer you the best items from their product range here. This includes innovative prams, fluffy baby blankets, tested child seats and much more.

Everything you need for a complete baby outfit and more

You want your baby's world to be perfect? This wish can become reality with Vinted.ca. In addition to a baby car seat, the perfect baby equipment also includes chic baby clothes such as Canadian onesies for babies, Carter's baby sweater and baby t-shirts for newborns. But the sortiment doesn't stop here. You can also find bottles, nappies and teats. Not only these products, but also diaper bags, cots, bed guards, bassinets, side beds and every conceivable accessory for baby equipment is available here. You have the possibility to select the desired second-hand baby clothes products by terms and to compare the products of all manufacturers and brands with each other or to search specifically for offers of certain brands.

High-quality baby articles from Vinted

Even in the first years of life, a child needs stability. Firm attachment figures and personal objects form an important basis for this. We have the best brands on offer for you, so that the quality of the baby equipment from a particular manufacturer will convince your child. Vinted has the latest products from popular brands for resale so that you can purchase the perfect baby equipment at a low price:

The most important baby equipment

Our baby categorie offers the most extensive range of baby equipment. The range extends from the most important baby equipment items to chic maternity wear and the most beautiful children's toys for a lifetime of fun and games. You will find a large selection of easily steerable buggies, softballs and stable scooters. High-quality prams, safe child seats for the car as well as baby tubs, changing bags, baby rockers and bassinets are also available for your baby equipment. Choose cover fabrics, fleece beds and covers that make your baby feel safe and secure. From baby changers to tables, chairs and baby beds, you will find a lot of items in our large range to make your.