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Pompon - Caps & Hats (White)

Pompom - Caps & Hats (White, Brown)

Disney  - Caps & Hats (Black, Red, Grey)

Old Navy Beast Winter  - Caps & Hats (Yellow, Green)

Old Navy Beast Winter
Unbranded - Belts (Red)

KENDALL+ KYLIE  - Backpacks (Black)

TMNT  - Backpacks (Black, Blue, Green)

Souris Mini  - Caps & Hats (Beige)

Souris Mini
Inconnu - Belts (Black, Blue, Purple, Turquiose)

L&P  - Scarves & Shawls

L&P  - Scarves & Shawls

Bajoue - Caps & Hats (Beige)

handmade - Caps & Hats (Red, Beige)

N/A - Caps & Hats (Beige)

Ardene  - Jewellery (Neon)

Nano  - Caps & Hats (Black)

Briar baby - Caps & Hats

Briar baby
Jan & Jul - Caps & Hats (Grey)

Jan & Jul
SpongeBob  - Bags (Yellow)

Jan & Jul - Caps & Hats (White, Grey)

Jan & Jul
Bobo choses - Caps & Hats (White)

Bobo choses
Souris mini - Caps & Hats (Black)

Souris mini
Mase & Hats - Caps & Hats (Blue)

Mase & Hats
Sailor moon - Backpacks (Blue, Pink, Red)

Sailor moon
apaches Collections  - Backpacks (Brown, Beige, Gold)

apaches Collections
Souris mini - Caps & Hats (Black, Pink, Turquiose)

Souris mini
Hooké - Caps & Hats (Grey)

Disney Animators - Bags

Disney Animators
Rylee & Cru - Caps & Hats (White, Beige)

Rylee & Cru
Jan & Jul - Caps & Hats (White, Black)

Jan & Jul
Hooké  - Caps & Hats (Grey)

L&P - Caps & Hats

Quincy Mae - Hair bands

Quincy Mae
Caribou - Caps & Hats (Brown)

Herschel - Backpacks

Arden - Face masks (White, Yellow)


Accessories that every child needs

As soon as you take your little darling outside for the first time, you put a baby hat on her head. This doesn't change when your daughter or sun grows up. Because these accessories protect your children from cold ears or sunburn. At vertbaudet you can order warm knitted hats, scarves and gloves individually or as a set for winter. For summer, we recommend straw hats, baseball caps and other sun hats for your child.

A colourful selection of accessories for girls

Hats, scarves, shawls and the like not only complete an outfit, they also protect you from the cold in winter and the sun in summer. Our colourful assortment of second hand kids’ clothes offers many other girls' accessories besides these. These include:

  • Headbands
  • Hairbands and flower wreaths
  • hair clips
  • Sunglasses
  • Bags and backpacks
  • Belts
  • Patches to iron on trousers, shirts and shirts
  • jewellery

You can buy the right accessories for girls for every taste and occasion in our online shop. With designs ranging from cool to cute, you can make your sunshine happy. That's why hair accessories, caps, scarves and other girls' accessories are also suitable as gifts for Easter, school reports and many other occasions.

Trendy accessories for boys: versatile and affordable at Vinted

We offer a wide range of second-hand kids’ clothes with trendy accessories for boys who like to look hip in the school playground. In our online shop you will find numerous fashionable items for every occasion and every style of clothing. For example, beautiful hats, caps, watches and belts. Boys traditionally like to wear hats or baseball caps for a sporty, nonchalant look. The hats and caps are available in many different colours and designs. Bright colours like red are very popular, especially when combined with a contrasting colour like black or yellow. The accessories are decorated with fun prints of comic book, film or fantasy characters, for example. With every outfit you can find a nice hat or other accessory. Of course at affordable prices in the Vinted Shop.

It's all in the details

Girls and boys love accessories because they can add an individual touch to their outfit. Caps and scarves are the ideal complement to casual clothes like shirts, shirts and jeans or sweat trousers. If you're going on an outing with the family, kindergarten or school class, a bag or backpack is a must. Discover our versatile selection of second-hand kids’ clothes including great girls' and boys’ accessories now and choose the right ones for your little one!