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Second-hand Bags for Men

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Men’s bag and backpack for every occasion

Every now and then, you can't get by with your smartphone and wallet: If you want to take your e-reader, water bottle or calendar with you, you'll have to reach for a bag. However, most men prefer to stuff their seven items into their trouser and jacket pockets. This not only looks unsightly, but is also careless. It is definitely better to jump over your own shadow and finally buy a trendy shoulder bag or a men’s cross body bag. And those who still claim that bags are only for women are far from it: briefcases have been part of the stylish arsenal of every fashion-conscious man for decades and skilfully round off a strict business outfit.

Second-hand designer bags for men

Modern men's bags like the canadian tire backpacks have the advantage of being tailored to the needs of the men. They are equipped with numerous compartments and offer plenty of space for notebook, files, pens and all kinds of odds and ends. If the bag is large enough, it can even hold sportswear. Most men's bags are modeled after the Messenger bag, which has a flap and a padded shoulder strap. Since the strap is adjustable, the men's shoulder bag will fit comfortably even when it's bursting at the seams.

Different Types

If you browse the offer in search of a second-hand men's bag, you will quickly discover that men are also spoiled with choice. In addition to mens cross body bags , there are also second-hand bulk bag, second-hand designer bags, or shoulder bags to choose from. Even if you are looking for second-hand luggage bags for sale you are spoiled with choices. For example you can be lucky to find cheap canadian tire backpacks or other second-hand designer bags in our repertoire. Simply have a look at our different categories and find what suits you!

The Messanger bag is the faithful companion of students, freelancers and creative people.

Shoulder bags are also popular among office workers: if you commute to work in the morning by public transport, you can not always find a seat. That's where a bag that leaves your hands free comes in handy. A visit to the cinema, a stroll through town or a date: in many situations a large bag is unnecessary, but you can't do without one. A smaller shoulder bag, in which smartphone, wallet and chewing gum fit, comes just right. If you want to be really trendy, go for a Bum bag. The cool pieces from the nineties have made a comeback, but this time they are bigger and worn on the chest instead of on the waist.

Why buy second-hand designer bags in Canada from Vinted?

Every man needs a bag in which he can safely store all his important items. At Vinted.ca you can buy a canadian tire backpack, a Pedano wallet, a shoulder bag for men from Bugatti or Boss Orange cheap and on top of that do something good for the environment. Because second-hand fashion is sustainable: who buys used fashion, protects precious resources. At Vinted.ca there is a comprehensive range of great men's bags in all imaginable colors, sizes and materials.