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Women's accessories

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Vans - Winter hats (Orange)

Fait main - Bracelets (Blue)

Fait main
Various - Earrings (Grey, Silver)

Pas disponible - Head scarves (White, Blue, Beige)

Pas disponible
Pas disponible  - Head scarves (White, Blue)

Pas disponible
Pas disponible  - Head scarves (Blue, Beige)

Pas disponible
Création Nicole Héroux  - Hair accessories (Black)

Création Nicole Héroux
Other - Necklaces & pendants (Gold)

Inconnu - Bracelets (Green, Silver)

Michael Kors  - Earrings

Michael Kors
From Carlton  - Other tech accessories (White)

From Carlton
No Brand  - Earrings

No Brand
Inconnu - Earrings (Yellow, Green, Orange)

Inconnu - Earrings (Black, Silver)

Inconnu - Necklaces & pendants (Blue, Cognac)

Unbranded - Hats (Blue, Yellow, Silver)

Twenty Compass - Rings (Lilac, Gold)

Twenty Compass
Nike - Gloves & Mittens (Black)

Les créations Elite - Belts (Beige)

Les créations Elite
Vintage  - Large scarves & shawls (Black, Beige)

Max Studio  - Large scarves & shawls (White, Red)

Max Studio
No Brand - Necklaces & pendants

No Brand
No Brand - Necklaces & pendants

No Brand
No Brand - Necklaces & pendants (Pink, Gold)

No Brand
No Brand - Necklaces & pendants

No Brand
No Brand - Necklaces & pendants (Silver)

No Brand
Pandora - Necklaces & pendants (Silver)

Argent - Earrings (Silver)

Michael Kors  - Belts

Michael Kors
King(made in India) - Bracelets (Brown, Green)

King(made in India)
Pandora - Necklaces & pendants (Silver)

Pandora  - Necklaces & pendants

Mejuri - Earrings (Gold)

Patagonia - Hats (Grey)

Harley-Davidson - Caps (Grey)

Sezane - Belts (Yellow)


Now it's time to get ready: Our second-hand designer accessories are so cool! Get ready for **unique second-hand rings, scarves, belts and sunglasses*. The perfect outfit thanks to the right accessories. Still missing the finishing touch to your outfit? Sometimes you just need an eye-catching accessory to go with your normal jeans and a white T-shirt. Do you want to pimp your outfit with hair accessories for women or a statement belt? Then you've come to the right place! With our non-branded and designer sunglasses, belts, watches and more, you can take your look to a whole new level. Special pieces require special occasions or sweeten your everyday life. Your outfit only becomes perfect with the right accessories and underlines your individual look. Accessories always put a smile on our faces and make us happy. In our **online shop for second-hand fashion** you will find great and exclusive accessories.

Second-hand sunglasses

Summer, sun, sunglasses: the sea is roaring, the warm rays are tickling your neck and the designer second-hand bikini is on. Casual Ray Ban sunglasses in aviator style add the finishing touch to your beach outfit and protect you from the UV rays at the same time. But sunglasses are not only a must-have accessory on holiday, they are also indispensable in everyday life. Whether it's for practical occasions like driving or as a fashionable highlight when strolling through town or going to the ice cream parlour. At Vinted.ca you will find numerous non branded as well as designer second-hand sunglasses from luxury labels such as Gucci, Dior, Chanel, Ray Ban, Linda Farrow and many more.

Second-hand jewellery

The spectrum of second-hand jewellery ranges from earrings, bangles, necklaces and rings to brooches, pendants and charms. Whether made of platinum, gold, silver or metal, whether set with pearls, precious stones, leather details or gemstones – there is something for every jewellery lover at Vinted.ca. From statement earrings to delicate bracelets, the designer second-hand gems are just waiting for you to discover them online. Take a look! Do you still have some wonderful earrings that are just waiting to be worn again? What are you waiting for to upload your most beautiful jewellery tiems and give them a second life!

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